House Blend Tobacco, Custom Blend E-Juice, and More
Smoke King Mixes The Best Local E-Juice

We Mix Our Own E-Liquid In House

Available in the following flavors:


Apple Pie

A sweet cinnamon apple inhale with a graham cracker crust exhale.

Banana Split

A tasty combination of banana, chocolate, whipped cream and cherries, all served on scoops of milky vanilla bean ice cream.

Cake Batter

Eating cake batter is tempting whenever you are baking, but since we don't have eggs in our recipe, you can smoke as much as you want of it!

Key Lime Pie

One of our best sellers. Our Key Lime Pie is a surely good vape for all day long or as a sweet dessert.

Rainbow Sherbert

Tasting just like the rainbow, this flavor contains orange, raspberry, lime, lemon, or pineapple flavors.

Root Beer Float

This classic Root Beer Float taste like a freshly tapped barrel of root beer and freash scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Stawberry Apple Pie

When strawberry and apple are mixed into a pie, a fruity creation is made. Try this sweet flavor today!


Boom! Popsicle

Summertime popsicles are great, and so is this liquid. It's made to remind you of a red,white, and blue firework popsicle!


An elixir is defined as a magical or medicinal postion. This flavor is made with juicy strawberries, sweet watermelon, and a hint of tropical magic.

Killa Custard

Just like the custard you would purchase at a store, this Killa Custard is a smooth creamy treat.


Replicating the taste of a hazelnut spread, this great mix of white chocolate, dark chocolate, and hazelnut could be your new dessert or all-day liquid.

Sucker Punch

A quick sweet tooth vape filled with dragon berries and cream.


Banana Cream

Just like a banana cream pudding or pie. This is a great all day vape you will be sure to enjoy.

Blue Serpent

A blueberry & dragon fruit concoction! One of our best sellers and greatest juice blends.

Cloud 9

A sweet fruity combination of strawberry, pineapple, kiwi and blackberries.

Mango Guava

When mango meet guava, this fruity mixture tastes great together.


Tastes like the first bite you take out of sweet & juicy Georgia peach.


Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! Pineapples can brighten your mood and day! Try our pinapple liquid now!

Stawberry Banana

The perfect combination of sweet strawberries and a ripe banana flavor all in one!


Apple Jax

A tasty cinnamon and apple cereal combination. One of our best sellers.

Fruit Crispies

A spoonful of fruity breakfast cereal. One of our Juice-Man's Favorites!


Blackberry Freeze

This cooling flavor will tickle your taste buds with a tast of frozen blackberries and menthol.


555 Tobacco

Our tobacco blend is designed specifically for those trying to quit smoking and save lives!

Newport Beach

If you enjoy Newport Beach's cigarettes, try out this flavor and quit smoking today!


Chai Tea

Flavored like your favorite Masala Chai Tea beverage, this flavor is made of a blend of your favorite aromatic Indian spices and herbs.

Coffee N' Cream

For vaping with your morning coffee, our Coffee N' Cream flavor will knock your socks off!

Green Goblin

Tasting just like a surge of gren power, this flavor is made to taste like an energy drink.

Irish Cream

Our Irish Coffee is designed to taste like the drink you love. It's filled with a coffee base with hints of Chocolate, vanilla, and Almonds.

MTN. Dew Drop

This energy packed flavor is made for you to taste the dew of the mountains!

Pink Lemonade

A sweet and tart treat which will quench your taste buds when looking for a sweet drink.


Blueberry Sweet Tart

This is one of our signature sweet and tart liquids, focusing on a sweet taste of wild blueberries.


This rich silky smooth milk chocolate flavor is made to satisfy your tastebuds without the calories!

Cinnamon Hot Tamale

PHEW! This Cinnamon Tomale vape can make all of your taste buds tingle, just like candy.

Gummi Bear

These tasty treats are a great dessert vape that also works as an all day vape!


This sweet vape is designed to taste just like your favorite candies.

Stawberry Apple Sweet Tart

This is one of our signature sweet and tart liquids, focusing on a sweet taste of strawberries and a tart taste of green apples.